Monday, September 14, 2015

Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep 5 & 6 Recap

Finally, the day has come to leave for training. At first, Yan Qi says he's not going to see her, a commoner, off. But seeing Du Gu go, he quickly changes his mind. lol.

Qing Rou happily greets Du Gu even pinky swearing with him to teach her how to play a little gourd flute he gave her when she comes back.

On the reverse, Qing Rou threatens Yan Qi to take care of Ah Guang or else...... she finds a thin twig and breaks it in half.

At the palace, the empress says Qing Rou is a commoner so she needs to start from bottom up. Starting as a servant, she is given to Chou Gong Gong (a eunuch) to begin her lessons. And her first lesson is..... learning how to get punished.

Getting Punished
 The fourth prince runs into Qing Rou getting punished. Not bothering to help, he says getting punished is a good way to learn. Aside from kneeling, he suggests other horrible punishments.

Qing Rou tells him to shut up as he's causing more trouble than help.
The prince says "You know, I can have your head for that."
This is the wrong thing to say as it only serves to fuel Qing Rou's anger. She goes on a whole tirade about the princes only being "fu er dai" (rich spoiled second generation kids) and how it was their dad that fought for their kingdom, they were just lucky to be born. The most they can do is have her head anyway so they can go ahead and have it, she's stuck in this hell hole (the palace) anyway.

Astonished at Qing Rou's in your face comments
Chou Gong Gong is so shocked at her disrespect, he just stands gaping for a while.

Intrigued, the fourth prince drags her back to his estate.

 That night, they drink, converse and become good friends.

 They drank so much, Qing Rou spends the night at his estate.

Hearing this news, Yan Qi quickly runs to check up on Qing Rou. He tells his brother to stay away from Qing Rou as her status is beneath him. The fourth prince happily counters that if its beneath him, then what about Yan Qi who is trying to marry her. He easily sees through his brother jealousy and takes fun in using it to poke at him.

 The empress and Chou Gong Gong hear of Qing Rou's night out and quickly run to see if its true so they can punish her. Luckily, the third prince brought her back in time and they only see her asleep in her bed.

 As the days go on, Qing Rou's training gets harder. She often gets punished but somehow she always gets help. Sometimes a servant will drop a pillow when shes kneeling or there will be medicine after she gets hit.

One day, Chou Gong Gong teaches her about fidelity. It comes with a whole set of verses basically saying she must be filial to her husband and listen to everything he says. Chou Gong Gong catches her sleeping and goes to punish her when Qing Rou tells him, the verses she learnt are different. In her verses, the husband needs to listen to his wife's orders, when the wife leaves, the husband follows and most importantly, the husband must remember his wife's birthday. Needless to say, this starts a whole new round of punishments.

The empress reviews her work but its all unsatisfactory. Her calligraphy is messy and her stitching, the phoenixes look like little chicks. Qing Rou quips that they are testing her on the wrong things, her strengths include making coffee and memorizing scripts. It only serves to confuse the empress more and she gets sent to be punished.... again.
The third and fourth prince visit Qing Rou. It turns to a platform for them to show off their skills, with the fourth prince's flute playing skills and the cousin princess's qin skills. The third prince playfully suggests that Qing Rou has very good Qin skills too.

Egged on, Qing Rou holds the Qin like a guitar and starts belting out a song.

The fourth prince starts laughing out loud and Yan Qi looks thoroughly embarrassed. hey you asked for it man. 

Seeing her guitar not getting a good impression, Qing Rou starts reciting verses from the 21st century and it gets their attention. Cousin princess is not happy with the attention on her so she trips Qing Rou and she falls into the pond.

Worried, Yan Qi quickly rushes to save her. He holds her hand until she wakes up to which he quickly lets go and pretends like nothing happened.

Angrily, Yan Qi tells the empress and very pointedly. his cousin, that anyone causing harm to Qing Rou is his enemy. If it happens again for her to be prepared.

That night, Qing Rou wakes up feeling cold and plans to steal coal from the Queen to boil water for a hot bath.

Along the way she sees Chou Gong Gong suffering in his room. He has a bout of pain in his knee from the changing weather (fung sup). At first, Qing Rou smirks that he's been so mean to her, he finally has his day. But she relents and goes to help him, using the coal she stole to warm up his knee and help him feel better.

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