Thursday, September 24, 2015

Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep 31-35 Recap

Angry, Qing Rou sets out to the market for spending therapy. Somehow knowing her mood, Du Gu shows up already with things to console Qing Rou

Qing Rou visits Xiao Si to have him tell Yan Qi to go to court. As he's been investigating Mu Rong's case, he hasn't been going in and the advisers have begun talking negatively about it.

The cloaked man appears again, He tells the second prince of a plan to overthrow his brother and become Emperor.

Turns out the cloaked man is Du Gu! He only loves Qing Rou and can't take Xuang Xuang's advances anymore so he gives Xuang Xuang money, tells her to leave and live a good life,

That night, Qing Rou tries to run away.

Ah Guang tells her every time there's trouble she does the same thing.

Unfortunately, this time shes caught by Yan Qi.

Yan Qi says, how can the crown princess run away every time she feels like it.

Qing Rou quickly cuts him off saying they didn't get married yet, so she's not the crown princess.

Angry, Yan Qi sets up guards to follow her around so she can't run away again.

Mu Rong visits Qing Rou to apologize for staying so long. She says she would leave but Yan Qi doesn't let her go. Her double meaning words make Qing Rou even angrier and Qing Rou is about to yell at her when she gets a better idea. She says not to worry, when she marries Yan Qi, the estate will be hers and if Mu Rong is still there, she can situate her in a better room.

Turns out Mu Rong's family killed the queens sister and so taking revenge the Queen had the family killed so she could take justice for her sister. She let Mu Rong go seeing as she was innocent but never imagined she would come back,

The emperor's health declines and on his death bed the prince's go to see him. The queen and second prince don't allow the other princes bring their guards.

The second prince (with Du Gu's assistance) planned a coup. He brought his soldiers in and was about to kill Yan Qi.

But with Qing Rou in attendance, Du Gu brings soldiers to rescue them.

In the fight however, Yan Qi is almost hit with a sword but Mu Rong shows up and takes the hit for him.

Seeing Mu Rong love Yan Qi so much, Qing Rou leaves.

The second prince is taken care of and Yan Qi becomes the emperor.

Xuang Xuang reveals to Yan Qi that Qing Rou actually came from the future and to get back she needs the dragon statue that resides in their ancestry room.

That night, Yan Qi asks Qing Rou about the room but she just says its because they (Her and the other time travelers) are curious and want to see whats inside. 

Disappointed, Yan tells her the only way she will get in is if she marries him. 

Guilty, she tells him she can't marry him anymore. With that, Yan Qi tells her to take her bags and leave then.

He then declares Mu Rong empress.  

Not allowed into the room, Qing Rou is left with sneaking in. She plans with Meng Jiang and Ah Guang to sneak in as eunuchs and a maid the day of the wedding. Da Tong decides to stay in the past but agrees to help them.

Xuang Xuang sees them at the wedding and shouts out alerting everyone to their presence.

Left with no where to go, Qing Rou takes Yan Qi hostage.

She takes him into the ancestry room with Ah Guang and the others but tells the soldiers and everyone else to stay outside.

Held hostage, Yan Qi tells Qing Rou he knew she would come today.

Once in, she drops her knife and sets Yan Qi free. Da Tong finds a switch which lets Ah Guang and Meng Jiang travel back to the future.

Qing Rou doesn't follow though. Eyes unwavering from Yan Qi she says she can't go back.

Xuang Xuang picks up the knife and holds it at Qing Rou while telling the guards to come in.

Deemed kidnappers, Yan Qi puts them in prison.

Du Gu goes to rescue Qing Rou. She doesn't want to leave, saying she still has something to tel Yan Qi.

Du Gu knocks her out and takes her away.  Xuang Xuang tries to stop him but he hits her and leaves.

To get away, Xuang Xuang tells Da Tong not to tell Yan Qi who rescued Qing Rou.

When Yan Qi arrives, he questions them but they say they didn't know who rescued Qing Rou.

Xuang Xuang pulls her favor (from telling Yan Qi where Qing Rou was) and asks to leave. Yan Qi doesn't want to let them leave but she says she found Qing Rou once, she can find her again.


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