Saturday, September 19, 2015

Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep 17 & 18 Recap

Qing Rou wants to tell Du Gu that she won the dance festival but Yan Qi says he left for a trip. He asks why did Qing Rou enter the competition as she doesn't like to dance. Qing Rou says the second prince and royal adviser must have been up to something. The gimmicks with flowers and golden snakes could only be superstition that whoever marries Yin Ran will be the next emperor. Now that Qing Rou used those too, their plan is ruined. 

General Yin is worried that Yin Ran will get punished since she didn't win. Qing Rou teases him for caring about Yin Ran but agrees to help.

She sends a message via bow and arrow to Yin Ran that they will rescue her.

Next she has the fourth prince, "Xiao Si," act in front of the empress.

Xiao Si hints to the empress that marrying Yin Ran to the second prince is not a good idea and tells the empress to bring Yin Ran into the palace.

At the palace, word travels that Yin Ran took poison and was on her deathbed. When everyone arrives on the scene Yin Ran is already unconscious. Xiao Si can make an antidote but someone needs to try out the herbs first because if used together incorrectly they can poison Yin Ran even more. On top of that, it many poison the tester too. Without hesitation, General Yin volunteers.

Yin Ran is saved. Seeing them madly in love, the emperor decrees for them to get married even though her father is strictly against it.

Privately, Qing Rou tells General Yin it was all scripted, he was actually not in any danger.

Plan foiled, the royal adviser adopts Xuang Xuang and has her infiltrate the third prince's estate.

Ah Guang says he feels Xiao Si is a little off, like he has a lot of matters in his heart. Qing Rou agrees  so they go to his house to investigate what is wrong.

They search his house and find a picture of a beautiful lady. At that moment, Xiao Si arrives and asks them what they are doing. 

Caught in the act, Qing Rou makes up an excuse and says they wanted to invite him to a party. 

There is no actual party so Qing Rou begs Yan Qi to set up a small party. To get him to agree, she promises to teach him how to barbecue.

At the party, they reuse their last plan with the emperor- "bringing the loved one back to life."

Unfortunately, Xiao Si is more astute and finds out they were tricking him, Angry, he tells Qing Rou she went too far.

After calming down, Xiao Si tells Qing Rou that lady was the love of his life but she disappeared. He asks if Qing Rou has someone she is willing to wait the rest of her life for. Qing Rou doesn't have an answer but he responds, he does.

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