Friday, September 4, 2015

Naughty Princess 調皮王妃 (2015)

Status: Incomplete

Genres: Romance, Drama, Royalty, Period, Comedy, Time Travel

Episodes: 42

Summary: Yin Qin Rou (Yolanda Deng) is a normal woman who gets thrown into the past and lands on a prince (literally). Suspicious of her origins, the prince, Xie Yan Qi (Miao Yun Tong), keeps her captive. Slowly, her 21 century attitude and disregard for authority changes him and he begins to fall in love with her.

Meanwhile, there is turmoil in the royal family. The second prince assassinated his older brother to be next in line for the throne. All that's left in his way is Yan Qi, the third prince. Can Qin Rou protect him? And what if Qin Rou isn't the only time traveler... 

Where to watch: Search 調皮王妃 in youtube. No English subs known yet

Yolanda Deng

Mia Yun Tong 

Gao Jiang


Each episode runs a shorter than regular dramas, about 20 minutes each episode and it airs daily. It's very good so far, the female lead can exaggerate her acting at times but it keeps the atmosphere light and she doesn't stop with the coming from the future references which I love. Highly recommended! 

Some recap pictures (Warning spoilers!!):

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