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Moon River (明若曉溪)

Genre: Modern, School, Romance

Episodes: 29


Ming Xiao Xi (Pets Tseng) is a country bumpkin with a martial arts scholarship to the prestigious Kuan Yu University. On her first day, she saves her friend but in doing so, she gets entwined with Mu Liu Bing (Sam Lin), Feng Jian Che (Evan Ma), and Dong Hao Nan (Xu Kai Cheng), the big three who run the school. Coming from a different social class, she is constantly at odds with the other rich and spoiled students. On top of it all, Mu Liu Bing decides to live at her apartment and in her bed! Will Xiao Xi ever get through school and graduate?    

Sam Lin
Pets Tseng

Under the Veil - 無雙譜

Status: Incomplete

Genre: Romance, Drama, Period, Royalty

Episodes: 20


This star studded drama is a compilation of three separate folk stories. A major twist is that each story has an actress portraying different characters.  

In the first story, Changing Pins, a set of fraternal twins fall in love with different people. The older male twin (Kristal Tin) , a general, has a romance with a prince while the younger female twin (also played by Kristal Tin) falls in love with a poor scholar.

The second story, Judge Lu, is about a poor scholar (Wayne Lai) who is in love with his wife (Sonija Kwok) but gets bored with his life and has an affair with a prostitute (also played by Sonija Kwok)

In the last story, Chasing Fish, a fish spirit and rich girl (both played by Eliza Sam) chase after a scholar (Bosco Wong).  


Wayne Lai
Sonija Kwok
Kristal Tin
Eliza Sam
Bosco Wong

Best Dramas With Zanilia Zhou

Wrong Spot Mandarin Duck (错点鸳鸯) 2012


Episodes: 50
Genre: Wu Xia, Romance, Period
Rating: 10
Summary: Split into two seasons, season 1 focuses on Yang Yi Liu (Zanilia Zhou), an unloved daughter who is sent to marry cold-hearted Shi Wu Ji (Qi Ji) in place of her sister who eloped and fell off a cliff. Shi Wu Ji is a powerful and rich businessman/borderline mercenary known for his emotionless personality and cut throat business tactics. Her marriage is actually a cover to take control of Wu Ji's finances so her father can take over his business. On the other hand, Wu Ji marries her for the sole purpose of torturing her as he believes her father was the one who caused his parent's death. Between the hidden identity and secret motives, can the two still have a happy ending?  
Season 2 focuses on Shi Wu Ji's younger brothers, Wu Hen and Wu Jie. Wu Hen is known as the gentleman- always polite but never forms a deeper relationship with anyone. He once loved Yang Yi Liu but since she became his sister-in-law, he forces himself to keep his emotions to himself. Liang Yu Shi is a policeman in the ancient times but she is actually a girl pretending to be a guy. Smart and strong, her personality slowly makes Wu Hen fall in love with her. 
Shi Wu Jie is the most passionate of his brothers but being the youngest, he has the least authority. When he falls in love with Qin Qiu Yu, his two brothers refuse to let them get married as she is a courtesan. He leaves his brothers and embarks on a journey to free his love from the courtesan lifestyle and to be with her. 
Where to watch: Search on Youtube, no eng subs yet
Legend of Lu Zhen (陆贞传奇) 2013

Episodes: 59
Genre: Royalty, Romance, Period, Politics
Rating: 9
Forced to run away from her cruel step mother, Lu Zhen becomes a maid in the royal palace. Using her smarts and endurance, she rises in ranks while slowly falling in love with the crown prince, Gao Zhan.      

The Legend of Zu (蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇) 2015

Episodes: 54

Genre: Wu Xia, Romance

Rating: 8.5


Based on a novel, Ding Yin (William Chan) is a regular man who got caught in the middle of a fight between the Kun Lun Sect leader Li Jing Tian and the evil Green Cape (Nicky Wu). The Scarlet Soul Stone gets sucked into his body so he joins the Kun Lun Sect to control his powers and learn to use it to help others. He meets Yu Luo Sha (Zanilia Zhou) who looks like his dead wife and slowly they begin to fall in love.  

Journey of Flower ( 花千骨) 2015

Episodes: 54

Genre: Wuxia, Romance

Rating: 9

Hua Qian Gu (Zanilia Zhou) is the last goddess in the world. Born with an unlucky start and an uncanny ability to attract demons, she  journeys to learn martial arts to protect herself. Along the way she meets a lot of new friends and ultimately becomes Bai Zi Hua's (Wallace Hou) one and only disciple. 

Boss and Me ( 杉杉来了) 2014

Episodes: 33

Genre: Modern, Office Romance, Business 

Rating: 8.5

Xue Shan Shan (Zanilia Zhou) is a naive and simple minded girl who shares the same rare blood type as Feng Teng's sister. As a rich but emotionally stunted businessman who just so happens to be Shan Shan's boss, Feng Teng decides to keep her close and feed her well. Follow these two on their awkward and cute romance.   

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Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep 36-39 Recap

Du Gu takes Qing Rou back to his hideout.

Mu Rong becomes queen but she's just a figurehead. Yan Qi never visits her.

Waking up, Qing Rou tells Du Gu she needs to go back but he doesn't let her. He's the prince of the previous dynasty and his whole life has been to over throw Yan Qi's royal family.

Distraught but unable to leave, Qing Rou stops eating and eventually becomes sick.

Du Gu stays up all night to cure her. He manages to save her but she still needs time to get better.

Mu Rong, not satisfied as a figurehead, spikes Yan Qi's drink. He hallucinates and thinks that she is Qing Rou. He immediately hugs her and asks Qing Rou to never leave him.

Luckily, he didn't drink too much, He recognizes Mu Rong and pushes her away.

Yan Qi finds out that Qing Rou is with Du Gu. He gets into a fight with Du Gu but loses when he sees Qing Rou wearing Du Gu's family bracelet.

Qing Rou begs Du Gu not to kill Yan Qi. She promises to stay with Du Gu forever in return.

Happy, Du Gu lets Yan Qi go. But Yan Qi will no leave until he sees Qing Rou.

Qing Rou finally goes to see him. He immediately says she's become thinner and asks about her health.

Changing the subject Qing Rou tells him to leave, this isn't his palace where he can stay as long as he wants.

In the middle, Qing Rou's maid tells her its time to take her medicine. Denying it, Qing Rou quickly says her maid is on medicine and she's perfectly fine.

Mu Rong agrees to give Du Gu half of the kingdom in exchange for the emperor back.

Yan Qi tells Qing Rou he doesn't care that she lied to him anymore. He just wants her back.

Moved, Qing Rou agrees to go back with him.

Unfortunately, Du Gu is listening on the other side.

Du Gu poisons Yan Qi.

Mu Rong shows up to give half of the kingdom to Du Gu at this time.

Yan Qi tells her not to do it.

In the mess, Qing Rou steals Du Gu's knife and tells Du Gu to let them get away and give them Yan Qi's antidote or she will stab herself.

Du Gu does as she says and they get away. However, Du Gu only gives them half of the antidote. 

Still poisoned, Yan Qi only has about a year to live.

They go back to the palace for now and Qing Rou helps Yan Qi with political problems.


Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep 31-35 Recap

Angry, Qing Rou sets out to the market for spending therapy. Somehow knowing her mood, Du Gu shows up already with things to console Qing Rou

Qing Rou visits Xiao Si to have him tell Yan Qi to go to court. As he's been investigating Mu Rong's case, he hasn't been going in and the advisers have begun talking negatively about it.

The cloaked man appears again, He tells the second prince of a plan to overthrow his brother and become Emperor.

Turns out the cloaked man is Du Gu! He only loves Qing Rou and can't take Xuang Xuang's advances anymore so he gives Xuang Xuang money, tells her to leave and live a good life,

That night, Qing Rou tries to run away.

Ah Guang tells her every time there's trouble she does the same thing.

Unfortunately, this time shes caught by Yan Qi.

Yan Qi says, how can the crown princess run away every time she feels like it.

Qing Rou quickly cuts him off saying they didn't get married yet, so she's not the crown princess.

Angry, Yan Qi sets up guards to follow her around so she can't run away again.

Mu Rong visits Qing Rou to apologize for staying so long. She says she would leave but Yan Qi doesn't let her go. Her double meaning words make Qing Rou even angrier and Qing Rou is about to yell at her when she gets a better idea. She says not to worry, when she marries Yan Qi, the estate will be hers and if Mu Rong is still there, she can situate her in a better room.

Turns out Mu Rong's family killed the queens sister and so taking revenge the Queen had the family killed so she could take justice for her sister. She let Mu Rong go seeing as she was innocent but never imagined she would come back,

The emperor's health declines and on his death bed the prince's go to see him. The queen and second prince don't allow the other princes bring their guards.

The second prince (with Du Gu's assistance) planned a coup. He brought his soldiers in and was about to kill Yan Qi.

But with Qing Rou in attendance, Du Gu brings soldiers to rescue them.

In the fight however, Yan Qi is almost hit with a sword but Mu Rong shows up and takes the hit for him.

Seeing Mu Rong love Yan Qi so much, Qing Rou leaves.

The second prince is taken care of and Yan Qi becomes the emperor.

Xuang Xuang reveals to Yan Qi that Qing Rou actually came from the future and to get back she needs the dragon statue that resides in their ancestry room.

That night, Yan Qi asks Qing Rou about the room but she just says its because they (Her and the other time travelers) are curious and want to see whats inside. 

Disappointed, Yan tells her the only way she will get in is if she marries him. 

Guilty, she tells him she can't marry him anymore. With that, Yan Qi tells her to take her bags and leave then.

He then declares Mu Rong empress.  

Not allowed into the room, Qing Rou is left with sneaking in. She plans with Meng Jiang and Ah Guang to sneak in as eunuchs and a maid the day of the wedding. Da Tong decides to stay in the past but agrees to help them.

Xuang Xuang sees them at the wedding and shouts out alerting everyone to their presence.

Left with no where to go, Qing Rou takes Yan Qi hostage.

She takes him into the ancestry room with Ah Guang and the others but tells the soldiers and everyone else to stay outside.

Held hostage, Yan Qi tells Qing Rou he knew she would come today.

Once in, she drops her knife and sets Yan Qi free. Da Tong finds a switch which lets Ah Guang and Meng Jiang travel back to the future.

Qing Rou doesn't follow though. Eyes unwavering from Yan Qi she says she can't go back.

Xuang Xuang picks up the knife and holds it at Qing Rou while telling the guards to come in.

Deemed kidnappers, Yan Qi puts them in prison.

Du Gu goes to rescue Qing Rou. She doesn't want to leave, saying she still has something to tel Yan Qi.

Du Gu knocks her out and takes her away.  Xuang Xuang tries to stop him but he hits her and leaves.

To get away, Xuang Xuang tells Da Tong not to tell Yan Qi who rescued Qing Rou.

When Yan Qi arrives, he questions them but they say they didn't know who rescued Qing Rou.

Xuang Xuang pulls her favor (from telling Yan Qi where Qing Rou was) and asks to leave. Yan Qi doesn't want to let them leave but she says she found Qing Rou once, she can find her again.


Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep 26-30- Recap

Xuang Xuang tells Qing Rou to leave the third prince. She only kept close to him to find out how to get home. Xuang Xuang knows what points to hit. She says once Qing Rou gets home, she will leave the prince here, alone and hurt. Can she live with that?

Persuaded, Qing Rou decides to leave Yan Qi. But first, she finds Xiao Si and tells him to support his brother no matter what.

Then she makes dinner and thanks everyone for being with her.

The next morning, Yan Qi finds her gone. In a mess, he goes to search for her. Xiao Si and General Yin tell him he cant as he's the crown prince now. They will go search for Qing Rou in his stead.

Qing Rou stumbles upon a village ravaged by disease and famine. She saw a familiar documentary about it on TV back at home and after deliberation, she heads in to help them. But when she gets in, the villagers think shes a spy sent from the outside world to kill them off and are very hostile to her.

At that moment, Du Gu appears. He tells her to leave as she might get sick too.

Qing Rou insists on helping them and tells Du Gu he can help her or he can leave.

They set on helping the villagers.

Xuang Xuang disguises herself and tells Yan Qi where Qing Rou is, in exchange for a favor she will reclaim in the future.

Yan Qi finds Qing Rou and asks why she left. Unable to say why, she doesn't answer. Yan Qi tells her he loves her very much and asks that she not leave him. He gives her a grasshopper bracelet and tells her to put it on the tree in front of the village if shes willing to leave with him the next day. If it's not there, he will understand.

The next day there is no grasshopper to be seen and Yan Qi starts to leave sadly. Qing Rou stops him saying the tree is too tall she can't put it on, and for him to put it on. Smiling, Yan Qi acquiesces. In the back, Du Gu looks on unhappily.

When they get home, there's a girl that fainted in front of their estate.

The girl is Mu Rong, Yan Qi's previous fiancee.

She disappeared for years. Her family was mysteriously decimated years ago and now that she showed up out of no where, Yan Qi sets to find out what happened.

Qing Rou goes to confront this previous fiancee to see what she's like. But her health is not good and Mu Rong faints.

Angry, Yan Qi asks Qing Rou what she did to make Mu Rong faint.

Qing Rou replies she didn't do anything, she just asked Mu Rong a few questions. But she starts to get angry seeing that Yan Qi doesn't trust her.