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Hurry Up Brother! 06-19/2015 Recap

Episode 10
    Today we have three celebrity guests: Wallace Chung, Bai Baihe and Jing Boran. They form a team to complete missions with Michael and Bao Bei' Er. Everyone else is on the other team.

Celebrity Guest Wallace Chung (Along with Bai Baihe and Jing Boran)

First Mission: Scaling the Great Wall
     For the first mission: three legged race up the Great Wall of China. Even before they start the two teams are already arguing over who should go first. They finally decide on a game of rock paper scissor between Bai Baihe and Angelababy. Loser goes first. Team guests happily say they have the upper hand as Bai Baihe is the queen of the game. She slaughtered everyone last time in Season 1. Tearfully, Bai Baihe cries that she taught all her secrets to Angelababy before they left that time as she didn't think she was going to come back on the show.

Not so easy in the three or should I say four legged race
    First up is team Micheal with Bai Baihe and Bao Bei'er. Slow and steady they go slow at first matching up their rhythm without tripping. Next up is Team Li Chen with Wong Cho Lam and Deng Chao. Wong Cho Lam's shortness is even more pronounced between Li Chen and Deng Chao. They all laugh that he;s like a valley between two mountains. Jokingly the other two bend down and form a mountain character with Wong Cho Lam being the mountain.  
Valley :[

Mountain :]
      In their run, they ruthlessly take the hare route. Li Chen and Deng Chao run as quick as they can and poor Wong Cho Lam's legs flit freely in motion with them.
6 legged race
     The results are out and Team Celebrity guests are the losers. As punishment they must run the route again with flippers on their feet. Mischievous Boran goes after Bao Bei' Er and holds onto his wig so that when the run starts his wig is left behind and Bao Bei' Er runs bald.

Boran the troll

Losers have to duck walk back in flippers
      Everyone is awarded a key which they use to open boxes at finale.
Keys used for finale
 Second mission, collecting water from a water hose. It sounds easy at first but the hose is highly pressurized leaving Michael and Bao Bei' Er crying in pain.
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 Upon seeing Michael and Bao Bei' Er's hardship, Deng Chao and Li Chen try to bribe the person holding the hose to lower the pressure.
Bribing the game cast
      Nope, didn't work.
Li Chen "This is nothing"

Deng Chao "No more!"
  Next up, Wong Cho Lam and Ryan are pumped.
We are ready!

Ever little bit helps
    Team Michael and Bao Bei' er collect the most water but there;s only two keys left so the director pits them against each other. The two with the most water will get the remaining keys. Typical Michael shows his "helpful" side and helps Wallace by tipping his bowl so all the water falls out.
Time to give a helping hand... not
    Boran also helps Michael out a little. lol.
Pay back 
    He even starts to ring out the water from Bai Baihe's dress.
Seriously, every little bit helps
     Finally the best part! Ripping off each other's tags.
     This time, everyone gets a gold leaf. They must use their keys to open boxes and with the hints, get more leaves. The caveat tho is each box has two locks so it requires two keys. They can't rip off each other's tags too early as whoever loses, their keys will be lost as well. So first everyone tag teams and try to open boxes together. When they open one lock there is a hint as to which key number they need to open the 2nd lock. The hints are strange and it takes a while for them to get it. One hint is a hoe which turns out to be 7 because a hoe is shaped like a 7.
Everyone gets one gold leaf
    There's two hints in each box, one for each key holder. Normally one will multiply the gold leaves and one will be "empty."
Deng Chao goofing off
    While everyone is busy working, Deng Chao is in his own little world goofing off.
Opened a box by myself!
   Wallace happily laughs at his good luck as he opened a box on his own, he has two keys.
Why do some people have it so good?
     Li Chen cries to the side as he's been running around to no avail.
Wong Cho Lam gets Wings
    Some hints aren't good. Wong Cho Lam gets one that makes his wings bigger. He cries saying why would they do that to him, he's weak enough already!
Johnny's Little Brother?
    One hint stumps them all: Johnny's little brother. Surprisingly Ryan figures it out as 3. I still don't understand the reasoning behind it but it seems legit.
Bai Baihe gets serious
    Bored of opening boxes. Bai Baihe decides to get serious and rip off Bao Bei' Er's tag. (He has the same number key as her so it's of no loss to her) Luckily Angelababy and Michael are in the area and save him.
All Seeing eye is activated
     Most of the boxes are opened so Wong ChoLam activates a one time power "the all seeing eye" IT allows him to see how many leaves each person has.

Bao Bei' Er 1
Angela Baby 2
Michael 4
Li Chen 8
Deng Chao 30
Ryan 45
Boran 48
Wallace 180
Bai Baihe 360

     What has Bao Bei' Er been doing? Sleeping the whole time? How can he still only have 1 while Bai Baihe has a whooping 360! Notably our 3 guests are also in the top 3. 

     At this point, every decides they've had enough and start ripping tags. 
Things heat up
In a tussle

Sneak Attack!
        Michael's the first one out with an ambush sneak up attack from Ryan.

One vs, one
       They decide to have a one vs. one. Team guests strategically puts Bai Baihe against Lichen as he's helpless against girls. lol

      Boran successfully ripss Li Chen's tag in the bustle.... Only for him to come back when Angelababy activates her one time power.

Reactions to Li Chen revival 
      It comes down to Bai Baihe and Angelababy. After a long battle, Angelababy wins.... only for Bai Baihe to reveal her power. Whoever rips off her tag automatically dies so she is the winner!
Baby rips off the final tag but.....

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