Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Favorite Queen of SOP Scene

            Did anyone else get the fuzzies at the elevator scene in Episode 28? It starts with a grumpy Tom calling Xiao Jie through their signature pretend telephone call to talk about Gao Zi Qi joining their company. He teasingly tells Xiao Jie to give him a kiss to make him feel better which she does but not before telling him to block out the elevator camera.
            It's for naught though when the elevator door opens and of course on the other side is Zi Qi. He awkwardly gets into the elevator and Tom is all smirky with he has his arms around Xiao Jie, They chit chat (basically Zi Qi being pleasant and Tom just making snarky comments). Zi Qi has the last laugh as he exits the elevator he gently caresses Xiao Jie's bangs leaving the latter two shocked.


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