Thursday, June 18, 2015

Destined to Love You Ep 1 Recap

Destined to Love You Ep 1
           A gang of debt collectors chase after Qian Bao Bao in a circus. It's 6 to 1 and not looking good. She runs through various tents enlisting the help of fellow circus cast. At one point, she hides behind a shawl pretending to be a psychic and points them in the wrong direction. She eventually beats them back but with them close on her heals and no way to pay her next payment, she decides to run away with her mother.   
 Qian Bao Bao 
           On the other side of town, our main hero, Xiang Hao, is a homeless bum. The local gang is terrorizing everyone so he decides to step in. Unimpressed, the gang grabs their axes to give him a good beat down but Xiang Hao ends up pummeling them with his bare hands. He's about to walk away when three men in military garb snatch him away.
Main Hero: Xiang Hao
     Bao Bao, dead set on leaving via train, brings her mom to the train station. The only problem is they don't even have money for a train ticket. They narrowly sneak past the train station security, at one point thanks to Xiang Hao who inadvertently creates a distraction as entourage escorts him on the train like a convict.
Sneaking on a train
        On the train, Xiang Hao takes the first opportunity he gets and tries to escape. He gets as far as the corridor when he bumps into Bao Bao. It's a brief tug of war as the guards try to take him back but he keeps a death grip on Bao Bao. The guards win out but between the hustle and bustle, Xiang Hao rips the sleeve right off of Bao Bao's shirt. Shocked because it all happened in a course of seconds and enraged Bao Bao screams after Xiang Hao as he's being carried off. Talk about good first impression.
Bao Bao and Xiang Hao First Meeting- Does not go well 
     Bao Bao's mom has a health attack but luckily Xiao Han sees them and lets them rest in her cabin. Turns out Xiao Han is a visiting professor from Germany getting ready to teach at the military academy. She tells Bao Bao the academy may have the health care to help her mom as she's seen a person treated for similar symptoms. To thank Xiao Han, Bao Bao offers to "divine" Xiao Han's future as she is psychic. Seeing through Bao Bao's tricks, Xiao Han uses the same to guess that Bao Bao was born from humble beginning and is running from debt collectors.    
Xiao Han

Anything for her Mom
    Taking a bathroom break, Bao Bao runs into Xiang Hao again. This time she mistakenly thinks he;s going to commit suicide so she pulls him back into the train. They tug and pull again as he's insistent on jumping off the train so he can run away but she keeps spewing out how he should value life and live a long life and finally tugs him back in. He falls back from the force... only to land right on top of her...mouth to mouth!
"Saving" Xiang Hao
        Shocked they pause for a moment. Bao bao regains her senses and slaps Xiang Hao out right saying he's a molester. She shakes him so violently his shirt and pants become undone leaving Xiang Hao calling her the molester. The guards come upon them and end up asking "who is molesting who?" lol  
Who molested who?
       In an abandoned warehouse, a female is being held hostage. The militia storms in and quickly overcomes the bandits. The leader, Chen Wen Tao, goes to remove the hostage's ropes when he pauses and shoots the hostage. Shocked, instructors run into the room and we find out its a practice run. The instructor reprimands Wen Tao for purposely sabotaging the mission, Wen Tao calmly explains that he knew the hostage was fake and shows a bomb strapped to her chest which would have detonated should he have removed the ropes. He also reveals that the real hostage is in a crate. Satisfied, the instructor tells Wen Tao to pick up the new psychology instructor tomorrow.
Chen Wen Tao
    Third times a charm they say but not so much for this couple. Bao Bao buys bread for her mom. Xiang Hao walks around but realizes he's being watched. He takes Bao Bao's bread to create a distraction and as they argue, he discreetly foils an assassination attempt on his life.  
Bread stealer on top of escaped convict

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