Thursday, June 18, 2015

Destined to Love You (2015)

Destined to Love You (2015)
Airing: 2 Episodes Daily

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Military, Period Drama

Episodes: 43

Summary: Qian Bao Bao (Joe Chen) is a clever and independent woman who, for her mother's sake, takes on the identity of Xiao Han (Zheng Shuang) a psych professor at a military academy. There, she meets charismatic playboy, Xiang Hao (Jia Nai Liang) and stoic but gentle, Chen Wen Tao (Bosco Wong), She initially gets off on the wrong foot with them but with her quick wit she quickly wins them over and all is well. That is until the dead Xiao Han appears starting a whole new train of troubles.          

Joe Chen        
Jia Nai Liang
Zheng Shuang
Bosco Wong

Recap: Episode 1

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