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Destined to Love You Ep 1 Recap

Destined to Love You Ep 1
           A gang of debt collectors chase after Qian Bao Bao in a circus. It's 6 to 1 and not looking good. She runs through various tents enlisting the help of fellow circus cast. At one point, she hides behind a shawl pretending to be a psychic and points them in the wrong direction. She eventually beats them back but with them close on her heals and no way to pay her next payment, she decides to run away with her mother.   
 Qian Bao Bao 
           On the other side of town, our main hero, Xiang Hao, is a homeless bum. The local gang is terrorizing everyone so he decides to step in. Unimpressed, the gang grabs their axes to give him a good beat down but Xiang Hao ends up pummeling them with his bare hands. He's about to walk away when three men in military garb snatch him away.
Main Hero: Xiang Hao
     Bao Bao, dead set on leaving via train, brings her mom to the train station. The only problem is they don't even have money for a train ticket. They narrowly sneak past the train station security, at one point thanks to Xiang Hao who inadvertently creates a distraction as entourage escorts him on the train like a convict.
Sneaking on a train
        On the train, Xiang Hao takes the first opportunity he gets and tries to escape. He gets as far as the corridor when he bumps into Bao Bao. It's a brief tug of war as the guards try to take him back but he keeps a death grip on Bao Bao. The guards win out but between the hustle and bustle, Xiang Hao rips the sleeve right off of Bao Bao's shirt. Shocked because it all happened in a course of seconds and enraged Bao Bao screams after Xiang Hao as he's being carried off. Talk about good first impression.
Bao Bao and Xiang Hao First Meeting- Does not go well 
     Bao Bao's mom has a health attack but luckily Xiao Han sees them and lets them rest in her cabin. Turns out Xiao Han is a visiting professor from Germany getting ready to teach at the military academy. She tells Bao Bao the academy may have the health care to help her mom as she's seen a person treated for similar symptoms. To thank Xiao Han, Bao Bao offers to "divine" Xiao Han's future as she is psychic. Seeing through Bao Bao's tricks, Xiao Han uses the same to guess that Bao Bao was born from humble beginning and is running from debt collectors.    
Xiao Han

Anything for her Mom
    Taking a bathroom break, Bao Bao runs into Xiang Hao again. This time she mistakenly thinks he;s going to commit suicide so she pulls him back into the train. They tug and pull again as he's insistent on jumping off the train so he can run away but she keeps spewing out how he should value life and live a long life and finally tugs him back in. He falls back from the force... only to land right on top of her...mouth to mouth!
"Saving" Xiang Hao
        Shocked they pause for a moment. Bao bao regains her senses and slaps Xiang Hao out right saying he's a molester. She shakes him so violently his shirt and pants become undone leaving Xiang Hao calling her the molester. The guards come upon them and end up asking "who is molesting who?" lol  
Who molested who?
       In an abandoned warehouse, a female is being held hostage. The militia storms in and quickly overcomes the bandits. The leader, Chen Wen Tao, goes to remove the hostage's ropes when he pauses and shoots the hostage. Shocked, instructors run into the room and we find out its a practice run. The instructor reprimands Wen Tao for purposely sabotaging the mission, Wen Tao calmly explains that he knew the hostage was fake and shows a bomb strapped to her chest which would have detonated should he have removed the ropes. He also reveals that the real hostage is in a crate. Satisfied, the instructor tells Wen Tao to pick up the new psychology instructor tomorrow.
Chen Wen Tao
    Third times a charm they say but not so much for this couple. Bao Bao buys bread for her mom. Xiang Hao walks around but realizes he's being watched. He takes Bao Bao's bread to create a distraction and as they argue, he discreetly foils an assassination attempt on his life.  
Bread stealer on top of escaped convict

Destined to Love You (2015)

Destined to Love You (2015)
Airing: 2 Episodes Daily

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Military, Period Drama

Episodes: 43

Summary: Qian Bao Bao (Joe Chen) is a clever and independent woman who, for her mother's sake, takes on the identity of Xiao Han (Zheng Shuang) a psych professor at a military academy. There, she meets charismatic playboy, Xiang Hao (Jia Nai Liang) and stoic but gentle, Chen Wen Tao (Bosco Wong), She initially gets off on the wrong foot with them but with her quick wit she quickly wins them over and all is well. That is until the dead Xiao Han appears starting a whole new train of troubles.          

Joe Chen        
Jia Nai Liang
Zheng Shuang
Bosco Wong

Recap: Episode 1

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Hurry up Brother! 06/12/15 Episode 9 Recap

Season 2 Episode 9
            Hi Ladies and Gents! Back for more running?

            It's early in the morning and each member minding their own business when out of nowhere female guest stars come out and start freaking out on them. It's particularly funny seeing their shocked faces since the guys seem to know them personally so they are like:
                  "Oh hey what are you doing here? What's up?" but the girls respond with hitting them or yelling at them. Poor Bei'Er gets slapped right off the bat and Li Chen gets bitten in the arm. It turns out they are re-enacting a famous conflict scene from their dramas.

Ada Choi re-enacting a scene-"force feeding" Wong Cho Lam pills
           For this episode, each member of the regular cast is paired off with a guest star to complete missions. (With the exception of Ryan and Angelababy who form a team together),
           The first site is at the Beijing Olympics Center where they have to obstacles (jump over a pole, run over the hated green pebble path barefoot, pop a balloon and stick their hat on a ceiling).

Li Chen pair and Ryan Cheng + Angelababy team take the lead
       Li Chen pair and Ryan + Angelababy pair easily take the lead completing the obstacle course with Ryan and Angelababy taking first place. It's at this point we see the other three teams haven'
t moved at all and are still at the beginning trying to get over the pole.
Other three teams left in the dust
       They run through the course two more times with Michael pair performing the worst (they never get over that pole). His partner even playfully tells him shes going ditch him and join Wong Cho Lam's team.
Michael Chen Pair off on the wrong foot
Michael's partner requesting to switch teams
          Based on their results in the obstacle course, each pair is awarded a certain amount of ballots which they can use to vote for other teams (or their own team) to get their name tags ripped off first in the finale. At this announcement, everyone automatically pointed at Li Chen saying he's going to have the most votes Lol.
         Later on, Wong Cho Lam points out that if everyone thinks that everyone else is going for Li Chen, they will vote for someone else and in the end Li Chen may not have any votes at all. Laughing, Ryan says of course we put all our votes towards Wong Cho Lam.

Voting Fun
        Since there's a few Cantonese speaking members in the group they are put forward to read the next mission out loud. Their accents are so bad everyone cringes and giggles but everyone understands the gist.

Speaking Mandarin #Cantonese accent
The accent's too strong
 They have to jump behind a wall and get their pictures taken. Poor Wong Cho Lam is too short and doesn't get in any of them. He even jokes that he was absent from this one task.

Li Chen 

Deng Chao 
For the next mission, the females are masked and they have to correctly guess the identity of all the guys with just touching their face. Again Wong Cho Lam is at a disadvantage again because of his large nose. He even joked that if you can stick your fingers into the nose, it's him, if not it's not him. It was also funny how the guys attempted to clean the girl's hands first before touching their face but are too slow fail.

Guessing who is who

When touching gets painful

Tag Team
          Finally its rip off each other's name tag time. Based on the votes from before, the team with the most votes gets targeted first. They must find the secret item (a whistle) and blow it to be safe and then the second most voted for team gets targeted and so on. Surprisingly the most voted for team is Ryan and Angelababy! Probably because they did so well on the previous missions, winning everyone of them except the guess who is who part.

        They run frantically to find a whistle when they bump into Bao Bei' Er pair. It looks like its the end when they make a pact instead. They even find a whistle so the next team gets hunted. No surprise that its Li Chen pair. They try to run but are the first to get their tags torn off. Third on the list is Deng Chao pair who find a whistle and are safe. The next ones to be targeted are Michael and Wong Cho Lam pair. They have the same amount of votes so could be targeted all at once.

Bao Bei' Er Pair and Ryan Cheng +Angela Baby team together
       Unfortunately Wong Cho Lam and Ada get caught by three teams at the same time! It looks like its the end when Angela baby says if Ada re-enacts her famous "I cant do it scene" she will let them go. Dramatically, Ada does it so Ryan and Angelababy leave. Thinking everyone else is going to leave, Wong Cho Lam pair relax and this is when Deng Chao Pair are like oh no we didn't agree to that and try to pull their tags off. Again it looks like its the end!

Ada Choi and Wong Cho Lam about to get their tags pulled off
     Luckily, at that moment Michael blows a whistle so they are saved from near certain doom. Moving on the the last pair, Bao Bei' Er pair cash in on their pact when Angelababy and Ryan tell them the location to a secret whistle.
     Unfortunately, that means its back to Ryan and Angelababy and this time they couldn't find another whistle. Wong Cho Lam pair corner them but reflecting on the past Angelababy and Ryan try act out Ada's scene to get away. It's hilarious when Ryan tries to do it because he's over dramatic and Wong Cho Lam nit picks his acting so he has to do it over and over again.

Angelababy and Ryan re-enacting Ada Choi's scene
         In the middle of this Deng Chao pair walks in and they play rock paper scissors to see who gets to do the honors. Ryan and Angelababy try to run away but get caught.

Choosing who rips the tags off
        Through out the whole finale, it seems like the guys are trying not to betray their own co-stars so they don't really rip off anyone's tag purposely. For example. in this case with Angelababy and Ryan, Deng Chao and Wong Cho Lam just stand to the side the whole time talking about .... the weather, yup you heard it the weather, while the other four are in the middle of their tussle.

Wong Cho Lam and Deng Chao chilling
    With Ryan and Angelababy out, its Deng Chao team next again but they were right next to Wong Cho Lam pair so they get outed fairly quickly too.

Ada Choi and Wong Cho Lam about to get their tags pulled off... again
         Wong Cho Lam pair gets caught by Bao Bei' Er and are about to get outed as well when once again, Michael's team finds a whistle. Saved, the tables are turned and Wong Cho Lam's team quickly rips off Bao Bei' Er's tag.

Final show down, Micheal and Wong Cho Lam
       Finally its just Michael and Wong Cho Lam teams. In their final face off, Wong Cho Lam is pinned down and it looks like he's about to lose when he escapes between Michael's legs and pulls off his tag. There you heard it, finally Wong Cho Lam won an episode!!

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My Favorite Queen of SOP Scene

            Did anyone else get the fuzzies at the elevator scene in Episode 28? It starts with a grumpy Tom calling Xiao Jie through their signature pretend telephone call to talk about Gao Zi Qi joining their company. He teasingly tells Xiao Jie to give him a kiss to make him feel better which she does but not before telling him to block out the elevator camera.
            It's for naught though when the elevator door opens and of course on the other side is Zi Qi. He awkwardly gets into the elevator and Tom is all smirky with he has his arms around Xiao Jie, They chit chat (basically Zi Qi being pleasant and Tom just making snarky comments). Zi Qi has the last laugh as he exits the elevator he gently caresses Xiao Jie's bangs leaving the latter two shocked.


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Hurry up,Brother 06/05/2015-Recap

Season 2 Episode 8

     Hi Guys! Where are we running to next?

        Early in the morning, only Deng Chao invited out for a ultra secret mission.,,, playing spy again. This time without a water gun, he must outright rip off all of the other players' name tags to win. At first he's daunted as it's not the first time, the others will be on guard, but true to his personality, he accepts the mission and even makes a James Bond re-enactment of blowing his "handgun" saying he will prevail again!  

            Unknown to him, everyone else is next door hearing everything going on! They even joke about how they are counter spying on the spy lol, Guess it won't be that easy after all. 

              Everyone is pumped for their first task which includes digging a tunnel in the sand. It's a hilarious scene as those who don't make their tunnel wide enough get stuck and can't get out. From the beginning the counter spies are already bullying Deng Chao by shoveling sand back into his tunnel when he isn't looking.

        In the car, they discuss tactics (more make fun of Deng Chao moments) on how to rip off each other name tags. Li Chen notes how Deng Chao is probably super anxious and silent now. (With a flashback comparison on how he always goofs off when not stressed out with playing spy)

        This time the whole terminal of an airport is shut down for their final show down. The counter spies have to complete missions before letting Deng Chao rip off their name tags, all without raising his suspicions.
        In order to find their mission they have to ask airport workers with a code: "I need to go to the bathroom, do you have toilet paper?" The funny part is not everyone knows about it so one lady Li Chen asks responds with "No I don't have any but I'm sure there's some in the bathroom"
         Ryan and Angelababy are the first to find their missions, getting Deng Chao to carry him princess style and saying "we are family" respectively. With Ryan's appearing super hard, they conspire together to pretend to make a pact with Deng Chao inorder to make him do these things. They successfully make a pact and Deng Chao surprisingly carries Ryan princess style without raising suspicions (which makes me wonder what they do on a normal basis for him to do that without any questions),
           Unfortuantely for Angelababy, they say we are family mutiple times hoping he will respond the same, even asking Deng Chao, are we family? (He responds with a simple Yes) without any success. Sad and disheartened but afraid to force it as Deng Chao will get suspicious, she leaves and rounds with Li Chen. 
           Li Chen and Michael have "easier tasks" of throwing a shoe through a hole and pushing carts from one gate to another. But of course anything requiring manual labor is extremely hard for our resident genius (Michael)  so he takes forever doing it and complains the whole time. Lastly, Li Chen and Angelababy try a pact with Deng Chao again this time successfully getting him to say we are family.

  With their missions complete, they commence the second part of their plan, getting name tags torn off. They pretend to be preoccupied while showing their backs to Deng Chao and making funny faces at the camera. After which they hilariously pretend to be heart stricken and even telling the black clothed men to cover their mouths while they pretend to try and yell out information to the others of Deng Chao's spy status.

      Deng Chao is pronounced the winner (after letting the others beat the crap out of him for "betraying" them and playing the spy again.) He happily accepts but is surprised as why everyone is still hanging around after the gifting ceremony only to find.....
       Several other ladies come out with bigger airplanes and awards for the others!!!

Wrapping this up, my last and personal comment: Where can I get those t-shirts????? OMG they are sooo cute!!! 

The Journey of Flower 花千骨 (Airing Tomorrow!!!)

Air Date: June 9th 2015 (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Episodes: 54
Genre: Wuxia, Romance

          Hua Qian Gu (Zanila Zhou) is the last goddess in the world. Born with an unlucky start and an uncanny ability to attract demons, she  journeys to learn martial arts to protect herself. Along the way she meets a lot of new friends and ultimately becomes Bai Zi Hua's (Wallace Hou) one and only disciple. 

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